Capoeira Tigers


Our kids martial arts classes here in Decatur, GA are specifically designed to transform your child into a confident, focused, and motivated teen. Our dynamic instructors build confidence in students and teach them to become successful leaders and prepare them for life.


Children in the Capoeira for Kids program are constantly achieving their goals. As each new goal is accomplished, confidence increases. Each child progresses at their own pace, and no one is ever judged in comparison to others. Each child’s accomplishments are celebrated in a way that promotes motivation to achieve more, and recognition of process as part of the achievement.

Better Grades
Being a Capoeira Kid also means being a better student. Developing personal skills is a major part of the program. We stress following directions, paying attention in class, respecting those teaching, and becoming an active participant.

Every Child Wins
Every child at Capoeira Maculelê Decatur is a winner. We use a positive reinforcement to help them achieve their goals during their training.

Capoeira challenges the entire body. It develops coordination, body awareness, balance and agility 

Classes at Capoeira Maculelê Decatur are fun, dynamic and challenging. It is a unique approach to the martial arts for children who are there to learn and have fun. A balance in the curriculum is key to the program. Classes are a mix of high energy, seriousness traditional Capoeira and games.

More and more parents are learning about Capoeira and they can’t keep their kids away! That’s because Capoeira comes natural to children who love to play (all children love to play!). It brings out children’s natural abilities and need to flip, do cartwheels, kicks, play drums, dance, sing and have fun! … Classes are filling up at @Capoeira Decatur, so don’t wait! If you’ve been thinking about getting your kids involved in something to help them stay active, boost their confidence, teach them self defence and cool moves, then contact us to get started today. We offer kids classes 5 days per week for all levels starting at 3years old.


4 Weeks + FREE Uniform!