Capo-Kids Program: Classes for Kids

Capo-Kids speaking about Capoeira and Mestre Fran:

The Capo-Kids program is a capoeira program for kids ages 4 to 15. All classes are led by Mestre Fran, who has over 30 years of experience teaching children and using capoeira to help them develop. The Capo-Kids program combines the same values of any martial art—like fitness, self-confidence, discipline, and respect—with benefits specific to Capoeira—culture, music, Portuguese, dance, and gymnastics—into one great class!

It's fun, energetic, and engaging and was designed specially for your child. Maculelê Atlanta understands that children are the future of capoeira. Therefore this program not only gives your child the opportunity to be a great capoeirista, but also great members of the community.

Kids Class Schedule

Location Monday's and Thusday's Wednesday and Friday's Last Friday of the Month
Several Dancers Core
519 N McDonough St
Decatur, GA 30030
Big Kids (7 and up)
5:15 PM–6:00 PM
Little Kids (6 and down)
5:15 PM–6:00 PM

All kids together!

Cultural Day (Portuguese, Music,Instruments and More)

New Capo-Kids Location in Oakhust, Decautur 

Location Tuesdays Time

"The Solarium"

321 West Hill Street, Decatur, GA 30030

Tiny Tigers  5:30-6:10


Capoeira Kids Class DetailsOf course, classes are free to try, so bring your little one(s) in and see how they enjoy it!


Help Your Child Build Good Habits

Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and happy. At Brazilian Capoeira, that is our goal as well.  We see Capoeira as a tool to create stronger, healthier, happier people. Training Capoeira will help your child develop healthy habits as they train and become more fit, flexible, stronger, and overall healthy. Try our Intro Program to see what Capoeira can do to help your child develop these healthy habits early in life. Get your child used to working out on a regular basis. We all know that kids who exercise do better in school, have fewer problems, release stress in a positive way, and are more confident and focused.

Developing focus What if your child was able to better focus at school and around the house? Is it important to you that your child pays attention when you talk to them and follows through on what they've started? Capoeira training is hard. Classes are fast-paced and exciting. Our instructors are all trained to teach more than just martial arts in our classes. Students will learn to develop focus and confidence, and you'll see that translate pretty quickly into their school work and home life. In this program kids get positive feedback for developing things like focus, confidence, and leadership skills along with the capoeira training they receive.

Capoeira Builds Community and Friendships 
Today, Capoeira still brings people of all backgrounds and walks of life together. In our community, your child will meet people from many backgrounds, of all ages, who each contribute to our community. Your child will meet other children who are unique and talented. Training Capoeira will help your child learn more about the world they live in. Your child will learn a new culture, music, acrobatics, martial arts, dance, Portuguese language, and how to deal with all types of people in a positive manner. In a world full of violence, crime and negativity, our community will help provide your child a place to learn positive lessons and make many life long friends.
Mestre Fran and his family!

Capoeira is Much More Than a Martial Art

Kids love Capoeira because it incorporates what they like. Martial Arts. Dance. Music. Acrobatics. Most kids want to do all of these activities. Most parents do not want to take their kids to do all of these classes! Training Capoeira will give your child everything that they want...all under one roof which is convenient for you as a parent.

Is your child always bouncing of the walls? We love energetic kids because they get the most out of Capoeira. What are you waiting for? Call (404)957-9400 RIGHT NOW to schedule your child's FREE Trial Class.  See what Capoeira will do to help your child!


Several Dancers Core