Beginner Capoeira Classes


If you've ever wanted to start capoeira, this is the place to do it!!

A special program only for the very beginners. In this class, you'll get professional and quality instruction from one of the Capoeira world's most reknowned masters: Mestre Fran.

Training Capoeira will help you in every area of your life. You will get stronger, more flexible and gain agility. But those are just the physical benefits of training Capoeira. Capoeira will also help you to gain more confidence, learn about another culture, introduce you to people from all different types of backgrounds, and give you a community of people who will help you to stay motivated to train....and training will improve your health. We believe that training Capoeira greatly improves the lives of all who train it. Not only will it improve your quality of life, by becoming a part of our Capoeria community you will help to improve the lives of all members of our community. Every member of our group brings their energy to the group, which helps us grow stronger together. Capoeira is much more than just another martial art or workout class. It is a community, a family and a way of life that will improve your health, help you to reduce stress, and help you meet new people.
What are you waiting for? Call (404)578-7386 RIGHT NOW to schedule your FREE TWO WEEKS. Come see for yourself what training Capoeira will do to improve your quality of life!
All beginner classes are led by the world reknowned Mestre Fran. 

Benefits of Beginner Capoeira

  • Get in shape: The beginner class pace is great even if you haven't worked out in ages
  • Burn calories: Capoeira will give you a great workout while having a lot of fun
  • Learn something new and cultural: Capoeira is much more than just a great workout


Beginner Class Schedule

Location Monday Wednesday Friday

Decatur Recreation Center 

231 Sycamore st Decatur GA 30030

8:30–9:30 PM    

Core studios 

133 Sycamore st Decatur GA