About Capoeira Maculelê

Grupo Maculelê Atlanta was established in December 2002 with the arrival of Mestre Fran and Mestranda  Sara. With the help of Steven Alphabet, Mestre Fran introduced the unfamiliar martial art to the students of Georgia State University and in 2003, Mestre Fran was hired by Emory University. From there, Grupo Maculelê spread to other schools in the area, including Emory University and University of Georgia in Athens. We trained and worked with Mestre Fran to increase the exposure of Capoeira in Atlanta, encourage knowledge of the Afro-Brazilian culture, and develop physical and musical abilities.

Over the past years, we have hosted numerous events with special guest Mestres, Professors, and Instructors from all over the world and performed in numerous festivals through out the city of  Decatur, Atlanta including the Underground Atlanta, Piedmont Park, Atlanta Area Schools and many more.

Today, Maculelê in Atlanta continues to focus on the principles that Mestre Fran has promoted since his first days of Capoeira. Our philosophy is based on the physical, moral, and spiritual values of the human being. As a group we aim to achieve goals such as:

  • Developing every member’s talent and helping them to be the best they can be
  • Raising every member’s awareness of socio-economic issues in the community
  • Encouraging the practice of Capoeira as an art, a fight, and as a path to social, cultural, and athletic integration
  • Training members with the purpose of creating great Capoeira instructors in order to expand Capoeira and the Afro-Brasilian culture all over the world